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About Counselling

The counselling relationship is a professional relationship where you are encouraged to be open about yourself and your issues.  Your counsellor will listen carefully, and provide a safe place for you to share your problems and concerns.

Counselling often involves identifying painful emotions, uncovering "family secrets" and identifying unhelpful and/or sinful behaviors or patterns of interacting with others. This process can be difficult and uncomfortable, and your counsellor will be mindful of this and will try to keep any discomfort at a level that is not overwhelming.

All counsellors, after an initial assessment phase, will determine counselling goals with you.
Unless you choose to discontinue it, counselling will continue as long as you are benefiting from it. You may discontinue counselling at any time. Your counsellor will discuss the impact of that decision with you, but will honor your choice.

Each counsellor will differ in their use of scripture reading and prayer in sessions and in the use of assignments between sessions. You are encouraged to bring it to your counsellor's attention if you have difficulty with any of these practices. Your counsellor will be as responsible as possible to help you reach your counselling goals, but cannot guarantee that the end result will match your expectations.

Counsellors associated with Christian Counselling Centre advocate the concept of "Shared Care" where counsellors seek to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with those who have responsibility for your spiritual well being (pastors, elders, pastoral care workers). You will always be informed when this is taking place, and normally you will be
asked to provide informed written consent to the counsellor. Christian Counselling Centre will not be responsible for the action of those involved in your spiritual care (e.g. Church discipline, discussion with other pastoral workers). Consistent with the concept of "Shared Care" pastoral workers may, with your permission, participate directly in counselling sessions, but Christian Counselling Centre will not be responsible for how the pastoral worker would interpret the process or results of the counselling session.

Counsellors at the Christian Counselling Centre will not work with a couple where violence is occurring in the relationship. Assault is a criminal offence for which the abuser is responsible and accountable. Both individuals in such a relationship will be referred to the appropriate resources. (For example, a men's group for perpetrators of abuse.) Our priorities are to encourage and empower the victims of abuse and work with them to make choices that will provide safety and healing for themselves and their families.

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