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About Your Counsellor

At your request, your Counsellor can provide you with a Professional Disclosure Statement that outlines his or her professional background, training and counselling perspective.

All Counsellors at the Christian Counselling Centre share a common commitment to the Christian faith. Each counsellor has signed a document called Code of Conduct for Christian Counselling Centre Board Members and Staff and also a Statement of Christian Beliefs.

Each Counsellor adopts a particular counselling style, but views the whole person and will incorporate personal, interpersonal and spiritual perspectives.

Your Counsellor is not a medical doctor and will not give medical advice.

Your Counsellor does not have spiritual authority over you.

Counsellors associated with the Christian Counselling Centre have a thorough understanding of the definition of Biblically Based Counselling and operate with the view that the Bible is our final authority.

While believing that healing does come from God, through the work of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, Counsellors at the Christian Counselling Centre do not practice Inner Healing or Deliverance.

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