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Ministry is a high calling that is not for the faint of heart! Inherent in this calling can be long hours, high expectations from others, self-sacrifice and incredible times of joy. The Christian Counselling Centre is here to help provide guidance when life is challenging — and to rejoice with you when things are going well.

We provide:
•    Consultation
•    Counselling
•    Prayer
•    Encouragement
•    Resources
•    Retreat information
•    Referrals to professionals in your area
•    Guidance on issues facing your family, staff, church, or congregation members

The life of a Pastor can be exciting and filled with the rewards of ministering to others. But sadly, sometimes Pastors, or their families, have struggles of their own.

•    Depression
•    Loneliness due to lack of support
•    Criticism and/or unreasonable attacks
•    Trying to survive in a community that feels like a house full of windows

Care for Pastors recognizes the unique needs of ministerial leaders and their families by providing:

•    A safe place to process the circumstances of life and ministry
•    An additional source of  Christian fellowship
•    Sensitive words of insight and direction
•    A pastoral perspective on both personal and professional matters
•    And a respected voice of encouragement and accountability

For more information or to book a presentation about Care for Pastors contact the CCC at1-866-833-2741 or email us at

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