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Church Relations

Shared Care

Purpose: This document summarizes some of the ideas that would identify the principle of shared care. This principle is becoming an important ideal for collaboration between CCC and church communities, especially the officebearers of the church.


There has always been tension between Christian Counsellors and those who are in special roles in the church. Sometimes the tension relates to differing ways of describing how the work is carried out. Other times it relates to basic suspicion and mistrust where the unfortunate consequence could be that the client gets caught in the middle or at the least becomes confused about the best approach to take. This may result in the client not getting the necessary help.


While some "creative tension" may always exist, CCC has committed doing what it can to avoid misunderstanding or false divisions that would be detrimental to clients' care. In advocating the concept of Shared Care, CCC demonstrates its desire to invite faith communities, and especially officebearers into respectful dialogue whenever the opportunity presents itself. With proper release from clients, this could be sharing insights around "case situations" or it could through providing seminars or for CCC to be asked to participate in officebearers' conferences or ministerial retreats. Opportunities to speak to students preparing for the ministry, formally or informally, would also contribute to developing the concept.


as stated, any discussion of a case situation requires the informed consent of the counselee; discussion between CCC and an officebearer would assume a trusting relationship which has potential for further growth that benefits CCC and the officebearer;conflicts or irreconcilable differences should be openly acknowledged, and a third party may be sought to mediate differences of opinion;concerns arising from the process of applying the concept of shared care should always be subjected to a mediating process before it is brought to the Board or member of the Board. This is to ensure ongoing refinement of the concept.

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