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Education and Support


The Marriage Enrichment Course: 
This course aides couples in deepening their friendship, managing conflict successfully, honoring each others dreams, and creating shared meaning. Love and marriage is a wonderful and satisfying relationship when a husband understands how to abide in Christ and love His bride as Christ loves the Church, and the wife understands how to abide in Christ and respects her husband like the bride of Christ respects Him. During the course you will work on dynamic exercises to help your relationship flourish. If your relationship is conflicted or distressed, this workshop will teach you the road map you need for repairs.

Crisis and Trauma Intervention:  "A Psychological First Aid Course."  This six hour course goes through key areas related to crisis and trauma care.  A detailed course outline can be found here.

How People Change:  is an exciting and practical course designed to help the average church member put their faith into action.  This course will give you the tools to understand the change process in your own life, and be better able to help others experience spiritual growth in their lives.  You will be encouraged to look at your own heart through the lens of God's Word and learn to rely more on God's many forms of

Understanding Mental Illness:  In this course we examine the  complexity of mental illness by defining what mental illness is, the three main causes, and the spiritual ramifications of each cause.  With a better understanding of Mental Illness we can better attack the stigma
surrounding them, and to also be more confident in our approaches to help those in the midst of the struggle.

Workshops and Presentations

Addiction and Recovery:  To minister to those struggling with addictions it is important to understand the unique elements and characteristics of addiction.  This workshop looks at key Foundational Principles, Chemical Dependency, Behavioural and Processor Addictions, Treatment Issues and Protocol, and Recovery and Transformation.

Effective Christian Leadership
: This workshop will examine the decisive steps needed to become an influential leader including the role of calling (doing what God wants you to), competence (being good at what you do), confidence (knowing what you can accomplish in the context), and character (“good” traits) with the purpose of showing that character.

Stewardship of Self: Preventing Burnout
Which do you practice: self-denial or self-neglect? How do you know? How can you grow in sensitivity and learn to prioritize God’s purposes?    The topic of self-care has thousands of practical and debatable considerations, and thousands of legitimate and important cautions that go with them. Nevertheless, it is an important topic and one we need to think about, for the way we handle it reveals a great deal about our hearts, what we believe about ourselves, and what we believe about God.

Building Stronger Relationships:  There are many things that threaten and destroy marital and family relationships.  Often though, we are un-aware of the underlying currents in our daily interactions with our spouse and children that cause the strife in our personal lives.   It is important to look at both what causes conflict, and the solutions God’s word offers to us, to improve our relationships with each other.

Anxiety in School Age Children – Anxiety and Depression is a reality for some children and it impacts how they learn and develop.  To assist children in this struggle we need to understand the different types of anxiety disorders, the factors that contribute to them, and ways to create a community of care and support to diminish the impact they have on the individual.

Bullying – A safe school environment where students feel connected and valued has been demonstrated to be a factor in higher rates of student achievement.    However, bullying often goes undetected in schools. In fact, adults typically identify less than 18 percent of bullying incidents.  This workshop is intended to provide a starting point to address bullying in your class, the playground, and the school community.

Pornography: Dealing with the Threat and Stigma of Mega Sins

Understanding Depression and How to Walk With Those Who Have This Struggle

Finding New Purpose During Senior Single Years

Parenting the teenage Brain

Sexual Purity

Other topics include:  Anxiety, Loss/Grief, Mentoring, Communication in
Marriage, Emotions, and Anger.

Support Groups and Seminars:

Prepare/Enrich:  Preparation for marriage and help to enrich marriages. This program involves a customized couple assessment completed online that identifies a couple's strength and growth areas. Based on a couple's assessment  results, a trained facilitator provides  feedback sessions in which the facilitator helps the couple discuss and understand their results as they are taught proven relationship skills.  For more detailed information click here

Seminar on Marriage:  Session 1: Married with a Purpose: Our Perspectives Directs Our Marriages; Session 2: Married to a Person: Intimacy in Marriage (1. Intimacy defined, 2. Intimacy through communication: Listening, and 3. Intimacy through communication: Speaking

Grief Support Group;  Beyond a Broken Heart: 

Understanding Your Grief Journey.  This is a grief recovery support group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of losing a loved one.  A friendly, caring group of people will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. 

TEAM DYNAMICS: Discovering How to Maximize Christian Leadership and Unity in Organizations.   Our ability to continue to empower the groups, organizations, congregation, etc…that we are a part of can only be accomplished by teamwork. Effective and excellent teamwork includes being purposeful, motivated, tena­cious, adaptable, collaborative, and strengthened through rapport. Learn these principles. Practice them. Be­come proficient in them and they will lead any team toward a prosperous journey. (Romans 4:1-13)

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