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Session and Related Fees

Each session will be for 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours. The last five minutes of the session will be spent arranging subsequent appointments. Promptness at the beginning of each session is anticipated. Out of respect for subsequent clients, sessions will terminate at the designated time unless arranged otherwise.

The fee for each session is $100.00 per hour.  Unless arranged otherwise, fees are to be paid by cash or cheque at the end of each session. The client will assume bank charges for any NSF cheques.  Fees for extended phone calls, consultations, reports and letters are to be expected and will be arranged beforehand with your counsellor.

Failure to cancel an appointment within 24 hours will result in the full fee being charged.

Planned Assistance for Congregation Members (PAC)

If you are a member of a church that has signed onto the PAC program your fee is fully or partially funded.  At the time of booking identify the church you attend to make sure you receive the benefits of PAC.  If you feel this plan would benefit your congregation make sure you discuss it with your church leaders.

Third party payment

For some clients there is a possibility of a third party covering the counselling cost.  This may be a family member or deacons from a church. It will be the responsibility of the client to consider alternate means of paying for the counselling, but the counsellor will be able to facilitate negotiations especially in relation to churches paying for counselling.

If a third party pays for counselling, there is no obligation to report the details of counselling to that third party. In most cases, billing to third parties will have non-identifying information on the actual invoice.

If you feel your employment benefit plan includes coverage for counselling you are encouraged to make use of this benefit to cover the cost of counselling with Christian Counselling Centre. You should check with your counsellor whether he/she is any one of the following: Registered Psychologist, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Social Worker. The Administrator is able to provide a letter for your employer or human resource staff.

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