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Planned Assistance for Congregations (PAC)

Churches currently using PAC

Attercliffe Canadian Reformed Church
Bethel Canadian Reformed Church of Richmond Hill
Covenant United Reformed Church in Toronto
Dunnville Canadian Reformed Church
Flamborough Canadian Reformed Church
Grace Free Reformed Church of Brantford
Grace United Reformed Church of Dunnville
Grand Valley Canadian Reformed Church
Living Water United Reformed Church of Brantford
Maranatha Canadian Reformed Church of Fergus
Providence United Reformed Church of Strathroy
Rehoboth United Reformed Church of Hamilton
Vineyard Canadian Reformed Church of Lincoln

The Plan for Assisting Congregarions (PAC) is a program that allows churches the ability  to provide  professional Christian counselling support to all their members.  Churches who sign up for this program gain the following benefits:

•professional,Master’s degree-level counsellors
•up to six sessions per year for each member partially or fully paid.
•services are anonymous and strictly confidential
•provided at no cost to the church member.

If interested in learning more about this program, and how you can make counselling services easier to access for all members, contact us at 1-866-833-2741 or email us at

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